Curriculum and Program Development

Bright Light Education provides schools and other organizations with innovative solutions that transform educational programs into effective, 21st century learning environments that meet the multiple, diverse needs of today's students.

Our team of educational consultants can design a rigorous, relevant and engaging curriculum for a new educational program or improve curricula that are currently being used. All curricula developed by Bright Light Education are aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and/or the current academic standards used by your state, district or program.


Topics commonly addressed during the curriculum development process include:


Our team also provides overall program development services that meet the specific needs of your program and student population. Areas addressed during the program development process include:


Bright Light Education also offers other educational services such as RFP Writing and Completion of State-Mandated Reports.


Find out how we can meet your program needs. Contact us today for more information by calling (201) 345-7135 or fill out our Educational Services Information Request Form by clicking here.