About Us

Bright Light Education was founded by Rhonda Sumter. Miss Sumter has over 15 years of successful experience educating at-risk and low-income students in diverse environments. She is certified as an Elementary Education Teacher, English Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Supervisor and Principal. She holds an MA in Educational Administration and Urban Education. Not only is she an effective, skilled educator, she is an experienced project manager.

Her primary goal is to continue to be a change agent that effectively transforms schools into relevant, engaging, 21st century learning environments that meet the academic, social and emotional needs of today's students.

Bright Light Education is comprised of a team of highly-qualified educators with expertise in all areas of education and youth development. The members of our lead staff have over 50 years of combined experience successfully addressing the needs of at-risk, low-income and urban student populations.

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Bright Light Education LLC

Mailing Address:
Bright Light Education LLC
PO Box 5189
Jersey City, NJ 07305

(201) 345-7135
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Toll Free for Parents:
1(855) 54LIGHT
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